Rumah Nelayan Kenjeran

Diunggah pada Rabu, 03 Agustus 2016

Kampung Nelayan Bulak is located on the eastern Coast of Surabaya and one of many kampungs in Surabaya that have a strong character. Most of their occupation are fisherman and the rest of it as sea products seller in around of Bulak. There ara kampungs in Bulak such as Kampung Nelayan Kedung Cowek, Kampung Nelayan Sukolilo Baru and Kampung Nelayan Kenjeran. There are many facilities had been built to increase fisherman welfare, not only in Economic aspect but also Environmental and socio-cultural aspect as well, especially in Bulak and its surrounding area. Those public facilities among others road, market, fish processing area, play ground and sport facility.